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A fast, tip-ac­tion rod makes it eas­ier to cast a tight loop into gaps in the fo­liage. A slow, through-ac­tion rod bends more through­out its length as you lengthen line. This re­sults in the rod tip mov­ing through a large arc and throw­ing a wider, more open loop – not ideal in nar­row spa­ces. How­ever, at close range, both fast and slow rods are ca­pa­ble of cast­ing nar­row loops be­cause a short length of line will not load ei­ther rod greatly, they’ll bend mostly in the tip sec­tion. When cast­ing a long way, where the load from the longer line is greater, the fast rod makes cast­ing tight nar­row loops much eas­ier. I find fly-lines with a short front ta­per load the rod well when cast­ing short dis­tances. Use a drab-coloured line.

Fast- or tip-ac­tion rods are best to keep cast­ing loops nar­row un­der trees.

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