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It is not al­ways nec­es­sary to get the fly to the fish. Weighted nymphs land­ing with a plop can draw fish out from cover. If the stream re­ceives sig­nif­i­cant fish­ing pres­sure the sound of a bead­head fly hit­ting the sur­face may spook trout rather than at­tract them. Very small flies, size 18 to 22, with tiny 1.5mm beads cause a small im­pact that is suf­fi­cient to get the fish’s at­ten­tion with­out spook­ing it. Bead­head flies with palmered hack­les land gen­tly and sink slowly, giv­ing the trout time to in­ves­ti­gate be­fore the fly sinks out of range.

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