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In my opin­ion Ross Macdon­ald's Park Shrimp is the best style of long-tailed Shrimp for slower flows. Arc­tic run­ner in the tail and wing is very soft and mo­bile, re­sult­ing in a fly that comes alive in wa­ter. The two head hack­les blend beau­ti­fully and push wa­ter with­out col­laps­ing in the cur­rent. My friend Ken Reid man­aged 27 sal­mon in a day when he used one in Rus­sia, twitch­ing the fly with a fig­ure-of-eight re­trieve. Once again, yel­low, or­ange and black are a sure-fire com­bi­na­tion but Ross has dif­fer­ent-coloured pat­terns for vary­ing con­di­tions, in­clud­ing Calvin’s Shrimp, Mag­gie’s Shrimp, Heather Shrimp and Mairi’s Shrimp, which I’ve left un­til last in this list al­though it’s ac­tu­ally the first fly he de­signed in this style.

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