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Hook Size 12 Fulling Mill All Pur­pose Medium Thread Black Body Nat­u­ral pea­cock eye quill, stripped of herl and var­nished First wing tuft Dark roe deer hair Tho­rax Pea­cock herl Sec­ond wing tuft Dark roe deer hair Hackle Dark fur­nace hen, two turns A gen­eral-use pat­tern, par­tic­u­larly ef­fec­tive for Ir­ish duck fly or other dark midge hatches. The ma­te­rial form­ing the tho­rax be­tween the wing tufts is the tyer’s pref­er­ence. I have used pea­cock herl, but a brighter trig­ger point is an op­tion.

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