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Trout & Salmon (UK) - - Contents - Stu­dent ob­ses­sion By Dal­ton Tice

IT WAS A LATE MORN­ING in Fe­bru­ary and I was awo­ken by the omi­nous River Mon­sters theme tune as Jeremy Wade re­counted whis­pers of a 30ft grass carp ru­moured to have con­sumed an en­tire school bus in a re­mote Texan set­tle­ment. While savour­ing a the last of a greasy, horsey tang of ke­bab on the back of my throat, kind ges­ture from the pre­vi­ous night’s rugby so­cial, I was in­ter­rupted bank by the ar­rival of a let­ter. A sur­pris­ingly pres­ti­gious in­vest­ment had taken a fancy to my “ex­tra-cur­ric­u­lar in­ter­est in chi­rono­mids” and was invit­ing me to un­der­take an in­tern­ship in Lon­don and a sum­mer de­prived of an­gling. J]\ <PM QV\MZV[PQX ILPMZML \W Q\[ ZMX]\I\QWV 6W Å[PQVO _I[ PIL QN AEĂÅ[PQVO _I[ Ua *ZQ[\WT _QNM \PMV AEĂ\AQVO _W]TL JM Ua +PMT[MI WN UQ[\ZM[[ )[ I AEĂ\AMZ 1¼^M NW]VL \PM XMZ[Q[\MV\ NMMLQVO PIJQ\[ sal­mon, trout and bass to pro­vide a sat­is­fac­tion that sur­passes that of anatom­i­cally given the only de­ter­mi­nants of suc­cess are my abil­ity to tie an cor­rect im­i­ta­tion of their diet and then present it cor­rectly in their en­vi­ron­ment. 1 PIL WVTA WVM _MMSMVL QV +WZV_ITT JM\_MMV \PM MVL WN Ua in­tern­ship and the start of a new term and bass were on the itin­er­ary. June, July and Au­gust were spent re­search­ing the an feed­ing habits of Fowey bass, start­ing an ob­ses­sion with ty­ing anatom­i­cally ac­cu­rate glass prawn. I dreamt prawn, I ate prawn, ¹\Z]TA 1 ÅVIVKML XZI_V IVL I[ 1 IXXZWIKPML \PM MVL WN _MMS[ WN N]TÅTTQVO IVL MVZQKPQVO UMZOMZ[ IVL IY]Q[Q\QWV[ IK\Q^Q\Aº 1 PIL tied what I be­lieved to be the per­fect prawn. \PM 1 _I[ _MTKWUML \W \PM .W_MA Ja I ÅMZKM [W]\P̆_M[\ MZTA IVL ITT []LLMV ZMITQ[I\QWV \PI\ \PM [_MTT IVL KTW]LML _I\MZ _ZW\M WЄ with chances of catch­ing a bass, trig­ger­ing a cas­cade of emo­tions AEI[PJIKS[ WN -`KMT NWZU]TI[ <PM TIKS WN IKKM[[ \W I JWI\ QV \PM stormy con­di­tions re­stricted me to a wob­bly pon­toon. I re­mem­bered cast once catch­ing shrimps along the edges of the jetty and I set a ac­cord­ingly. Let­ting the prawn sink for three sec­onds be­fore com­menc­ing a scratchy, jerky re­trieve, the line was ripped from Ua ÅVOMZ[ 1 \WWS \PM Å[P \W \PM ZMMT IVL I[ 1 NW]OP\ Q\ \W \PM pon­toon, a small bass sur­faced with my hand­some glass prawn fas­tened to its jaw. this The preser­va­tion of a hy­poth­e­sis is a beau­ti­ful thing and what JI[[ TIKSML QV XPA[QY]M Q\ UILM ]X NWZ QV Q\[ IJQTQ\A \W []UUWV QV UM I LMTQOP\N]T [MV[M WN N]TÅTUMV\ 1\ PIL ZMUQVLML UM WN \PM [QOVQÅKIVKM WN ¹Aeaº QV Ua [XWZ\ +I\KPQVO I Å[P WV I AEA WN AW]Z W_V KZMI\QWV KIV X]\ I smile on your face, a lump in your throat and a warm feel­ing in your heart in a man­ner that dis­tin­guishes AEĂÅ[PQVO NZWU W\PMZ [XWZ\[ 4M[\ 1 NWZOM\

Dal­ton's Fowey bass. bass.

The per­fect prawn pat­tern.

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