Or­gan­ise your fly-boxes

Don Staz­icker urges a log­i­cal ap­proach

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WHEN A FRIEND ASKS “What fly shall I use?” while open­ing a box to re­veal a tan­gled mess of pat­terns point­ing ev­ery which way, it can be tricky to work out what ex­actly is in there. The way our eyes and brain scan the world makes it eas­ier for us to find things when they are ar­ranged in an or­gan­ised man­ner. Pre­sented with a large num­ber of coins and asked to cal­cu­late their value you would find it vir­tu­ally im­pos­si­ble to vis­ually scan all the coins and add them up in your head. In­stead you would sort them into groups of sim­i­lar coins each con­tain­ing the same num­ber of coins. Adding them up would then be sim­ple. In­ter­est­ing, then, that many of us don’t do this with our fly-boxes. This can af­fect your fish­ing suc­cess. It takes time to find flies in the chaos, time that could be spent fish­ing. Most suc­cess­ful fly-fish­ers use some sort of sys­tem to or­gan­ise their flies.

Recog­nise this? A dis­or­derly fly-box is prob­a­bly fa­mil­iar to most of us, but with a lit­tle thought and or­gan­i­sa­tion we could in­crease our catches.

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