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Trout & Salmon (UK) - - First Cast -

Tackle-shop shelves are stacked with dif­fer­ent in­di­ca­tors – putty, yarn, Thingam­abob­bers – but you can save a few quid by mak­ing your own. The slinky is a coiled length of brightly coloured ny­lon con­nect­ing tip­pet and leader, used by French nymphers: the coils widen when a fish takes. Take a 24in length of 10lb mono and tie a neat per­fec­tion loop at each end. Se­cure one end to the mid­dle of a thick nail or biro tube with a nar­row wrap of duct tape. Then make 30 wraps of the mono in touch­ing turns around the nail/tube. Se­cure the other end with tape. Boil the nail/tube in a pan for five min­utes – en­sure the mono doesn’t touch the pan or it will melt. Put the nail/tube in a freezer overnight for the coils to set. Dry for 24 hours.

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