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An in­di­ca­tor is es­sen­tial for many Euro­pean nymph­ing tech­niques be­cause you need to de­tect the slight­est move­ment of your leader. This Neon Wax from Ska­fars in Slove­nia is a sim­ple way of cre­at­ing a bi- or tri-colour in­di­ca­tor sec­tion on your leader. It means you can make the in­di­ca­tor as long or as short as you like and it al­lows you to set its depth. The highly vis­i­ble coloured wax comes in a dis­penser like a lip­stick tube. Sim­ply run the wax along the length of leader you want to treat. It can be wiped off eas­ily with a soft cloth or pa­per towel. This means that you can quickly change the set-up to suit the depth, from fast skinny wa­ter to big deep pools. You can also quickly change your tac­ti­cal ap­proach. You could be fish­ing dry-flies one minute, but if the tem­per­a­ture changes or you come across a deep pool, you can add nymphs and ap­ply the wax to your leader. When con­di­tions change again, just wipe off the wax and put the dry-flies back on, all with­out chang­ing the leader. The wax doesn’t add weight to the leader, so it won’t af­fect how it floats or sinks. It's avail­able in pink, green, red, yel­low and or­ange (pic­tured) plus black and white. The colour range is use­ful for dif­fer­ent light con­di­tions: try the colours you find eas­i­est to see. The end re­sult is that you keep in con­tact with your fly via the highly vis­i­ble in­di­ca­tor sec­tion, in­creas­ing your chances of bite de­tec­tion and set­ting the hook. With care­ful use, you only need a cou­ple of ap­pli­ca­tions of wax each day. NEON WAX £4.95 Tung­sten-beads-plus. E-mail: [email protected]­ Web: tung­

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