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SPORT ON the lower river at Burn­foot has been a bit more like it used to be. Up to Septem­ber 19 over 176 salmon and grilse were caught and 64 sea-trout. This is more than prime beats on the Tyne for the same pe­riod. Alan Dixon caught a 12lb salmon and a 2lb seatrout on the Wil­low Pool spin­ning. Si­mon Lai­dler caught salmon of 10lb and 7lb on Wil­low and a 6lb salmon on the Caul­dron fol­lowed by a 20lb salmon from the Wil­low. He also had a 3lb sea-trout. C Clegg caught sea-trout of 3lb from both Wil­low and Caul­dron beats spin­ning. R Co­hen, from France, caught a 10lb salmon on the Caul­dron fol­lowed by a 12lb salmon on the Wil­low. Most of these fish were caught spin­ning when there was ex­tra wa­ter. J Macrae landed a 13lb 8oz salmon spin­ning while David Lai­dler had salmon of 12lb, 7lb and 14lb and a sea-trout of 3lb; one to fly and the oth­ers on worm. Alan Dixon landed a fur­ther salmon of 12lb from the Wil­low Pool to fly. Out on the Gil­nockie Tower beat, W Warburton caught a 6lb salmon on a Fly­ing C fish­ing the Dunk and Cyril Gaskell landed a sea-trout of 1lb 8oz. Fish­ing Lower Irvine House, Drew Mur­ray landed sea-trout of 3lb 8oz, 3lb, 3lb, 2lb 8oz, and 2lb spin­ning. John Mur­ray caught salmon of 14lb, 16lb and a 3lb grilse as well as a sea-trout of 2lb 8oz. Mar­tin Coulthard caught two sea-trout of 2lb spin­ning at the Cooper Stone. John Mur­ray then caught a grilse of 3lb and a sea-trout of 1lb 8oz. Trevor Mcvit­tie (TAS) caught a 6lb salmon on fly. Up on Mid Irvine House, Len Metcalfe (TAS) landed a 4lb grilse on an Ally’s Shrimp while Colin Hud­son had a 5lb grilse also to fly. Ed­die Hart­ley caught salmon of 7lb and 5lb. Drew Mur­ray landed salmon of 7lb, 9lb and 8lb from the Tar­ras Flat on spin­ners as well as a seatrout of 2lb 8oz. The Esk catch­ment had de­cent amounts of rain­fall that brought the river up on a num­ber of oc­ca­sions bring­ing in some good runs of fish. On the Esk and Lid­del An­gling Club wa­ters some ex­cel­lent fish were caught. Jackie Al­lan landed nu­mer­ous salmon be­tween 4lb and 14lb dur­ing late Au­gust and early Septem­ber. Davey Mcken­zie caught many sea-trout to 5lb. He also landed a large coloured salmon, his first ever, de­scribed as a real bruiser! Out on the Langholm

Esk in full cry ... her­ling num­bers bode well for fu­ture

beat Chris and Lor­raine Burke caught a salmon each and sev­eral sea-trout. Mike Sowerby caught salmon of 12lb and 6lb while Robert Park had one of 6lb which was very fresh run. Brian Evans landed a beauty of 13lb on the fly from the New Bit. El­liot Packer caught a 6lb salmon and Mark Brown and Glen Bain­bridge also caught fish. The run weak­ened slightly in Septem­ber but Mike Sowerby landed a 15lb salmon caught on fly in the Dead Neuk. Ross Cur­rie caught a 14lb salmon on fly and Jackie Al­lan caught one of the same size. John Horne caught a brand new salmon of 5lb and a cou­ple of sea-trout fish­ing the Lid­del. Esk is in full cry as I sub­mit this re­port. Huge num­bers of her­ling were en­coun­tered by an­glers in late July and Au­gust so hopes are high that these fish will re­turn next year as well­con­di­tioned fish. The catch and re­lease re­stric­tions have had a sig­nif­i­cant ef­fect on rod num­bers but there are far more fish in the river than the En­vi­ron­ment Agency think - BOR­DER ROD.


SUR­PRIS­INGLY THE Chew Val­ley wa­ter has cooled to around 17.5 deg C so the fish have been feed­ing. Last sea­son we didn’t reach these cool tem­per­a­tures un­til Oc­to­ber, so quite why it has cooled this year is un­clear, but most wel­come. In com­mon with last year the fish are all to be found in the band from Vil­lice Bay through to the Dam. Even though the fish­ery staff are try­ing hard to get a spread of fish by tak­ing the cage across the lake, the trout seem to end up by Wal­ley Bank. They are re­ally high in the wa­ter and on cloudy days a cou­ple of small dries is all that is re­quired to have a suc­cess­ful day. Most tend to use wash­ing line tac­tics, and this is pro­duc­ing plenty of fish. The trout are feed­ing well. On Fri­day, Septem­ber 14, with John Smith, we found corixae, small midge pu­pae and masses of daph­nia in all of the fish that we killed. This seems to have been the way with the trout lately. Daph­nia has been the main­stay for their food. It has meant that the fish are keep­ing in good con­di­tion and fight­ing re­ally well. Sadly this week (Septem­ber 18 to 21) has been a non-starter with wind speeds too high to al­low the boats to go out. The fore­cast for the next cou­ple of weeks is good so I am hop­ing for some de­cent “back-end” sport. There must be some fish in dif­fer­ent parts of the lake, so, if you have caught a few fish in the “hot-spots” why not drive round and see if you can find a few. A re­minder that an­chor­ing is not al­lowed once you go past the sail­ing club. Re­cently many an­glers have been drop­ping an­chor off Wal­ley Bank. Catch to date: 11,090 fish to 2330 rods, a rod av­er­age of 4.75 at an av­er­age weight of 2lb 8oz. The Blag­don fish are gen­er­ally feed­ing hard on corixae and once you find a trout you are likely to catch a few. Two ar­eas are dom­i­nat­ing catches – Wood Bay and Pipe Bay. There are odd fish com­ing from Home Bay, Holt Bay and off Green Lawn, but not in the quan­ti­ties that other parts are pro­duc­ing. On Sun­day, Septem­ber 16 the BRFFA Snow­beespon­sored Hid­den Pairs rod av­er­age was a re­spectable five per an­gler. Win­ning pair were Paul Bond and Tim Kamei, who man­aged to catch 18 trout be­tween them. The event, like all hosted by the club is now largely catch and re­lease. Bank fish­ing re­mains good but, strangely only on the south side of the lake. Usu­ally with lev­els drop­ping as they are, Rug­moor would be a good bet, but not this year. Hope­fully the corixae feed­ing will con­tinue and fish­ing will there­fore re­main good for Oc­to­ber. Catch to date: 10476 fish to 2443 rods, a rod av­er­age of 4.28 at an av­er­age weight of 2lb 8oz - MAR­TIN COTTIS.


SET­TLED WEATHER in early Septem­ber re­duced wa­ter lev­els from above 1m to around 0.7m giv­ing good con­di­tions for the fly. By the sec­ond week of Septem­ber belts of rain mov­ing across have caused lev­els to rise and fall sharply, but a pre­pon­der­ance of higher wa­ter has been an ad­van­tage to those spin­ning, or, es­pe­cially if the wa­ter is coloured, worm­ing. As I write on Septem­ber 23, the river is fin­ing down af­ter a 3.9m flood a few days ear­lier and is cur­rently just over 1m, giv­ing op­por­tu­ni­ties to an­glers with both spin­ner and fly. Catch re­ports from the tidal beats have been dif­fi­cult to come by, but I think the num­ber of an­glers on the banks has been low and catches few. At the top of the tide, on the Plas Madoc beat, Frank Lysak had an 8lb salmon on the fly on Septem­ber 10 from the Lower Oak pool. A lot of small­ish sea trout have been lured by salmon flies and spin­ners, with the best a 2lb fish for John Berry on fly from Titler’s pool at the top of the beat. Up­stream, on the Llan­r­wst club town beat, some good salmon have been brought to the net. Grant Roberts had salmon of 8lb and 5lb on spin­ner and a grilse on the fly. Dan Stevens had a 14lb salmon on spin­ner plus an 8lb fish and a grilse on the fly. Sam Lees caught a 9lb salmon, Jack Wil­liams had a 5lb grilse, both on the fly and Wayne Davies also had a salmon. A good num­ber of small­ish but sil­ver bright sea-trout have been caught – on fly at night be­fore lev­els rose (Dan Stevens had 13 in one night) and af­ter­wards in higher wa­ter on spin­ner in the day. Wayne Davies had a 7lb sea trout on spin­ner on Septem­ber 21. Go­ing fur­ther up, on the lower of the Gwydyr beats, Richard Thomas had a 14lb salmon on an Ally’s shrimp from the Wall pool, Ian Wil­liams caught a grilse from Ben­son’s Sta­ble, Ian Wat­son had a 12lb salmon from this pool on a sea-trout fly and Nick Ket­tle had a 12lb salmon from the Shark’s Mouth on worm. On this beat, Hafod, or the deep run just up­stream ad­ja­cent to Cwm­l­lan­erch, was very pro­duc­tive es­pe­cially on worm. Russ Mee had salmon of 11lb, two of 8lb, 7lb and 5lb. Nick Ket­tle had a grilse and caught two fine salmon of 18lb and 16lb from this stretch. Ian ‘Tank’ Wil­liams caught salmon of 13lb and 10lb from Hafod on a Fly­ing C.

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