Trout & Salmon (UK) - - A SEASON'S EMERGERS -

Hook Size 8-10 Par­tridge K12ST Thread Vee­vus 14/0, brown or grey Tail Pheas­ant tail fi­bres Tag Pheas­ant tail fi­bres Body Na­ture’s Spirit African goat, AGD42 tan Post 2mm or 3mm craft foam, white or tan Hackle Two nat­u­ral duck or goose CDC feath­ers (long) tied para­chute-style around the foam post Tho­rax Hends hare dub­bing, HZ12

Dur­ing the mayfly hatch, when fish are jump­ing all over, you might as­sume you should imi­tate the adult dun, but look a bit closer: often, the big­ger fish are more se­lec­tive. This is when this crip­pled emerger comes into its own: the more di­shev­elled it be­comes, the more ef­fec­tive it is.

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