Trout & Salmon (UK) - - A SEASON'S EMERGERS -

Hook Size 16-20 Par­tridge K4AY Thread Sem­per­fli 18/0 Nano silk, olive Body Sem­per­fli 18/0 Nano silk, olive Rib Vee­vus 14/0 thread, yel­low First tho­rax Hot or­ange seal fur Wing CDC Sec­ond tho­rax Hare’s ear

This im­i­ta­tion emerged while I was scratch­ing my head on some tricky Bos­nian rivers. Trout and grayling that had re­fused nor­mal pat­terns just could not refuse the or­ange hot-spot. The fly has also worked in the UK, par­tic­u­larly dur­ing, but not lim­ited to, blue-winged-olive hatches. Vary the thread colours.

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