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Deadly mission

Will Lana be forced to carry out a SHOCKING ASSASSINAT­ION?


Trigger Point

Sunday, 9pm, ITV1

The second season of Trigger Point has had us on the edge of our sofas, with Lana Washington’s bid to catch The Wave terrorist gang captivatin­g millions of viewers.

We’ve watched the brave expo battle her grief after the death of her beloved DCI Thom Youngblood (Mark Stanley), but now she faces losing more of her loved ones in Sunday’s nerve-jangling finale.

After Lana (Vicky Mcclure) is taken hostage, The Wave’s leader, Hope (Bethan Cullinane), orders her to smuggle a bomb into the counterter­rorism HQ and assassinat­e the Home Secretary this week.

Realising the blast would also kill lots of other innocent people, including many of her close friends, Lana refuses – a decision she knows may cost her her life.


However, Hope reveals her terrorist group has also rigged Lana’s parents’ home with explosives and will kill them both if she doesn’t follow her instructio­ns. Faced with an impossible choice, Lana agrees to the mission, but will she be forced to choose between her friends and her family?

‘The Wave have been sending Lana and her team round in circles for weeks,’ explains Mcclure,

40. ‘They’ve been playing this cat-and-mouse game, with the tension building and building.’

Trapped in their own home, Lana’s mother Val (Tamzin Griffin) and father Jeff (Kevin Eldon) are finally forced to confront their grief over the death of their son Billy, who was killed in horrific circumstan­ces in the first season.

The loss has threatened to tear their marriage apart, but as they face a terrible fate, will they reach out to each other?

Meanwhile, when Lana arrives at the counterter­rorism HQ unannounce­d, her colleagues suspect something isn’t right.

But with The Wave watching her every move via CCTV, Lana is unable to warn them of the impending carnage…

If Lana does survive to tell the tale, Mcclure says that she would be delighted to return for a third season of Trigger Point, and she can see the series running for many years to come, just like another of her hit dramas.

‘With Line of Duty it was all about elevating the show and giving the audience more every season,’ she explains. ‘I think it’s the same with Trigger Point.’

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 ?? ?? Terrorist leader Hope (Bethan Cullinane)
Terrorist leader Hope (Bethan Cullinane)

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