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TAMSIN GREIG plays a ruthless Georgian crime boss in the quirky comedy


The Completely Made-up Adventures of Dick Turpin

NEW Available: Fri 1 March Genre: Comedy Season: 1 Eps: 6 (eps 1-2 from 1 March; ep 3 from 8 March; then weekly)

This week’s episode of Apple TV+’S comedy The Completely Made-up Adventures of Dick Turpin sees Tamsin Greig join the cast as villainous 18th-century aristocrat Lady Helen Gwinear.

The nasty noblewoman is the head of a sinister and influentia­l crime network known as The Syndicate. When dandy highwayman Dick Turpin (Noel Fielding) and his gang steal a stash of gold belonging to the organisati­on, Lady Helen tells corrupt Thief-taker General Jonathan Wilde (Hugh Bonneville) to find the loot – or face dire consequenc­es.

Here, Greig, 57, tells us about her marvellous­ly menacing character…

HOW DO YOU SEE LADY HELEN? She is always the most powerful person in the room, which is unusual for a woman at that time. She is very dangerous and thinks everybody is beneath her, and she’s allowed to get away with things because of her unfettered position in the hierarchy.

HOW DOES SHE GET ON WITH THIEF-TAKER GENERAL JONATHAN WILDE? Lady Helen was pitched to me with one sentence: ‘Do you want to play a powerful woman who bullies Hugh Bonneville?’ I didn’t have to think twice! Wilde gives the impression that he has power, but he’s only in his position because of Lady Helen. She thinks he is ridiculous and loves the fact that she can pop the balloon of his delusions easily.

IS IT FUN PLAYING SUCH A HORRIBLE CHARACTER? Yes! I’ve played sympatheti­c characters in the past, but now I’m in a time of my life where I’m being asked to play baddies. I’m glad of the opportunit­y to explore characters who are complex and difficult to fathom. It turns out that I have a deep well of repressed rage!

AND HOW DID YOU FIND LADY HELEN’S LAVISH COSTUMES? Her dresses are wider than the doors she goes through. But I’m not a huge fan of corsets as they’re about the historical constraint of females. So, our brilliant costume designer was able to work around my boundaries and create the most sumptuous designs. It was joyful.

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