Abi’s sent down!

She ends up be­hind bars after spi­ralling out of con­trol…

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The best thing she can do for Seb is to pro­tect him from a

life like hers

It’s one hell of a week for Abi Franklin. On Mon­day, she’s in gain­ful em­ploy­ment; by Fri­day, she’s banged up in Weather­field prison. How long till fel­low in­mate Sally Met­calfe bores her to death by bleat­ing on about her days as mayor?

Abi’s al­ready in a bad way, hav­ing been fired from the garage by Kevin, who wrongly be­lieves she tam­pered with Michelle’s mo­tor. Tracy – the real cul­prit – has sorted her mate out with a job on the Street­cars switch­board, but Abi strug­gles with the com­puter and snaps at the customers.

Her spir­its take a fur­ther knock when she finds out that young twins Lexi and Char­lie are be­ing taken to La­p­land by their foster par­ents. Believ­ing they’re bet­ter off with­out her, Abi can­cels her visit with them and self-de­structs; down­ing vodka while watch­ing them play in their foster par­ents’ gar­den.

‘Abi can’t deal with her head,’ says Sally Car­man, who plays her. ‘So she blocks it all out. That’s as much as she can do be­cause she doesn’t know any bet­ter.’

Know­ing she’s on a slip­pery slope, Abi calls Tracy for help, who finds her friend un­con­scious on Vic­to­ria Street, hav­ing also taken drugs. Trace calls for an am­bu­lance, and when Seb re­marks that his mum’s life has fallen apart since the sab­o­tage al­le­ga­tion, Tracy’s guilt gets too much. At the hos­pi­tal, she con­fesses to Abi that she caused the dam­age.

‘Abi’s re­ac­tion is one of anger,’ adds Sally, ‘but ac­tu­ally she is re­ally hurt.’

And there’s worse to come. A so­cial worker tells Abi her con­tact with the twins has been sus­pended due to her re­lapse.

At rock bot­tom, Abi de­cides to put them up for adop­tion.

Seb’s heart­bro­ken, and trashes Tracy’s florists. Abi stops him, and when the po­lice turn up, she grabs cash from the till so they’ll think she’s the cul­prit.

‘The best thing she can do for Seb is to pro­tect him from a life like hers,’ says Sally.

It works – she’s ar­rested for theft and crim­i­nal dam­age, and gets sen­tenced to 16 weeks in­side. Is her dream of a fresh start with her fam­ily now dead in the wa­ter?

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