Billy Con­nolly’s Ul­ti­mate World Tour

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I love to travel so I’m en­vi­ous of my fel­low Scots­man, the Big Yin, who has spent 25 years mak­ing TV trav­el­ogues. We ask him what he has learnt along the way…

Billy Con­nolly’s Ul­ti­mate World Tour

Thurs­day / ITV / 9pm

It’s nearly 25 years since Billy Con­nolly in­vited view­ers to join him on a trip around his na­tive Scot­land for the first of his trav­el­ogues.

To mark this mile­stone, his lat­est TV ex­cur­sion, ITV’S Billy Con­nolly’s Ul­ti­mate World Tour, shows us Flor­ida – his new home – with clips from pre­vi­ous ex­ploits.

In an in­ter­view with TV Times, Sir Billy, 76, takes a look back on his life, ca­reer and trav­els… What do you like about Flor­ida? I like the weather, and the fact that no one knows me. I get a de­gree of anonymity that re­ally ap­peals to me and makes my life sim­pler.

How has travel changed you? Travel makes me miss my shoes. When you’re pack­ing, the shoes suf­fer be­cause they’re heavy.

What’s been the strangest ac­tiv­ity on your trav­els? Danc­ing naked in the Orkneys – it was chilly and nerve-rack­ing. It’s not so much be­ing naked, as be­ing the only per­son naked!

Are peo­ple as im­por­tant as places in your trav­el­ogues?

The peo­ple can be the life and soul of them. The trick is to lis­ten. I’m not in the busi­ness of do­ing in­ter­views – I just want to talk and share a minute of their day. Do you have lots of sou­venirs? I have thou­sands. My wife says, ‘That’s beau­ti­ful – it would look good in your room!’ So I’ve got a room full of rub­bish.

What was your first im­pres­sion of your wife, Pamela


I first met her at a Not the Nine

O’clock News re­hearsal in Lon­don.

They opened the door and she came fly­ing past on a food trol­ley in a Su­per­man po­si­tion! I thought to my­self, ‘I like you.’

Has Pamela had a big im­pact on your out­look on life? Ab­so­lutely enor­mous. The first thing she said was, ‘Don’t talk so much at din­ner. Give the rest of the peo­ple a chance!’ Who would be your dream din­ner party guests?

Je­sus and Bob Dy­lan.

Your ca­reer’s been amaz­ing – any­thing you’d change?

No. It’s been splen­did. It never came down or lev­elled off – it kept climb­ing. Go­ing on Michael Parkin­son’s show was enor­mous. Work­ing in Amer­ica cat­a­pulted me to big-ness, but they had trou­ble with my ac­cent!

Are cer­tain things ex­pected of you as you get older?

I’ve never both­ered with what’s ex­pected of me. What non­sense!

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