Linda goes to des­per­ate lengths in a bid to get Stu­art to con­fess to shoot­ing him­self…

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she’s like, ‘i’ve put all this work in – i can’t let it go now’

There’s only one thing on Linda Carter’s Christ­mas list this year, and it isn’t tick­ets for Les Mis. She wants her pre­cious Mick out of the slam­mer and back with ‘the faaarmly’.

But the only way that’s go­ing to hap­pen is if psy­cho Stu­art ad­mits that it wasn’t Mick who shot him – he did it him­self. As

‘L’ ups the ante and puts a dan­ger­ous plan into ac­tion, will he let his guard down and con­fess?

Linda’s been play­ing the long game for months, dup­ing Stu­art into think­ing she be­lieves his side of the story, and has washed her hands of her hubby. She’s let him move into The Vic and, this week, even lets him play the main man in the Christ­mas grotto. It doesn’t get big­ger than that.

‘She asks him to be Santa, which is a big deal, be­cause Mick is al­ways Santa,’ says

Kel­lie Bright, who plays

Linda. ‘She’s al­low­ing him to step into Mick’s shoes, which she knows is what he wants.’

But the down­side of Linda’s Bafta­wor­thy per­for­mance is that Mick’s state of mind is at rock bot­tom. He gen­uinely be­lieves his mis­sus has left him, and his spir­its get so low that he re­fuses a visit from Tina and Shirley.

It’s a red-flag mo­ment for

Shirl. Wor­ried about her son’s men­tal health, she gives Linda an ul­ti­ma­tum – she ei­ther gets a con­fes­sion by the end of the week, or they’re do­ing things her way.

With the pres­sure on, Linda plots to reel Stu­art in. But when they end up shar­ing a kiss, she feels sick to her stom­ach and bolts. ‘She’s dis­gusted with what she’s done, but also an­noyed with her­self for run­ning out,’ adds Kel­lie.

‘She’s like, “I’ve put all this work in – I can’t let it go now!”’

The fol­low­ing day, some se­ri­ous back­track­ing is needed. As Stu­art sug­gests she find a new Santa,

Linda ma­nip­u­lates him into car­ry­ing on, and de­fends him in front of Jack when he over­promises presents.

Later, as they close up the pub, she sug­gests a night­cap.

In a spe­cial two-han­der episode, Linda then goes to des­per­ate lengths to get the ev­i­dence she needs to save her hus­band. But will ev­ery­thing go to plan?

Reel­ing in: Linda is play­ing the long gamewith Stu­art

Low point: Mick be­lieves his wife hasleft him

Bad Santa: Stu­art takes over Mick’s usual role

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