Ch­es­ney mugged!

But the at­tack is all a ruse to raise money for Sinead…

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As Sinead’s fam­ily try to di­gest their dis­cov­ery that she’s been swerv­ing chemo, they’re given more bad news to stew on – the knick­er­stitcher’s can­cer has spread. With the sit­u­a­tion look­ing bleak, Beth sets her heart on send­ing her niece to Ger­many for spe­cial­ist treat­ment, but it’s go­ing to cost thou­sands – and where is she go­ing to find that sort of dosh?

The gobby ma­chin­ist toys with the idea of nick­ing money from the Un­der­world safe, be­fore ask­ing Ch­es­ney to steal the tak­ings from

Dev’s ke­bab shop and mak­ing out he was mugged. Ches is torn, but when he finds Sinead cry­ing, hav­ing re­ceived news of fel­low can­cer suf­ferer St­eff’s death, he tells Beth he’s in.

With her ‘vic­tim’ sorted, Beth just needs an ‘attacker,’ and reck­ons her Kirky is the man for the job. At which point, the words ‘des­tined to fail’ spring to mind. As do ‘Dev must be sell­ing a heck of a lot of ke­babs if there’s enough in the till to fund top-notch can­cer treat­ment.’

As Ches later heads out with the tak­ings, a masked Kirk pounces and grabs the loot, leg­ging it as Dev gives chase. Sinead is touched when Beth later presents her with the cash, but when she clocks a bal­a­clava on the ta­ble, and Dev and Cathy tell her about Ch­es­ney’s ‘mug­ging’, she be­comes sus­pi­cious and gives it back to Dev, claim­ing she found it dumped near the bins.

Dev thinks it sounds like a fishy tale, es­pe­cially when CCTV footage fails to back up Sinead’s claim. When he then threat­ens to in­volve the po­lice, Ch­es­ney steps up and takes the rap for the whole thing. Will he get the sack?

On the run:Ch­es­ney is robbed of Dev’s tak­ings

Sus­pi­cious: Dev has doubts when Sinead re­turns the cash

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