I killed Joe!

Cain fi­nally con­fesses ev­ery­thing to a dis­traught Deb­bie…

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Put your phone on silent and ig­nore the front door – we’ve got the daddy of all scenes in Emmerdale this week as Cain Din­gle fi­nally tells Deb­bie that he killed the love of her life, Joe Tate.

Cain, you’ll re­call, punched Joe af­ter he stood Deb­bie up at their wed­ding – caus­ing the buff busi­ness­man to hit his head on a rock and fall un­con­scious. What Cain doesn’t know, of course, is that Joe sur­vived the at­tack, and was fin­ished off in the end by Gra­ham Fos­ter. Since then, Cain has been tor­mented by the ‘mur­der’, along with the sight of his daugh­ter strug­gling to cope with Joe’s un­ex­plained exit. The weight of his se­cret is even harder to bear when the po­lice tell Deb­bie they’ve found a body they want her to ID.

See­ing Deb­bie crum­ble, Cain steps up and iden­ti­fies the body on her be­half. It isn’t Joe’s, but Deb­bie re­mains trau­ma­tised none­the­less, and when Cain later finds her be­side her­self in the garage, he con­fesses to his ‘killer’ crime.

‘The dis­cov­ery of the body is a mas­sive turn­ing point,’ re­veals Jeff Hord­ley, who plays Cain. ‘One of Cain’s lines is, “The look on her face… I’ll never for­get it.” When they start talk­ing at the garage, he just can’t hold it all in any longer.’

Poor Deb­bie is dumb­struck, and goes AWOL. When she fi­nally re­turns, she heads up to Home Farm to put Gra­ham in the pic­ture, only to dis­cover he was in on the mur­der.

Gra­ham calls up Cain and, as soon as he ar­rives on the scene, the prover­bial hits the fan.

‘Cain ex­plains that he wanted to hurt Joe but didn’t want to kill him, and Gra­ham backs him up,’ adds Jeff. ‘But for Deb­bie, the anger is more about Cain’s be­trayal. She looked to him for an­swers, but he has lied to her for months.’

Not sur­pris­ingly, Deb­bie packs her bags and leaves But­lers Farm. Moira tries to talk her round, but ends up mak­ing things worse by re­veal­ing she was also in the know. Cain’s fum­ing and flips, trash­ing the kitchen and pin­ning his wife against the fridge.

He’s al­ready lost Deb­bie – is he about to lose Moira, too?

Deb­bie looked to him for an­swers, but he has lied to her for months

Un­der pres­sure:Cain opens up about what he did

Los­ing con­trol: Cain takes his anger out on his wife, Moira

In the know: Deb­bie (in­set) is dev­as­tated by the rev­e­la­tions

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