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Ju­lia Holter: “I’m very high­en­ergy and anx­ious…” what is Aviary about? I was in­spired by me­dieval ideas of birds as a sym­bol of mem­ory. Aviary is like birds fly­ing around in your head. I was try­ing to evoke how ev­ery­thing is ca­cophonous in the world, and the in­ter­nal ca­coph­ony of one’s mind. The out­side world is over­whelm­ing so it’s a cathar­tic re­sponse. It is a more overtly chal­leng­ing record than Have You In My Wilder­ness; is that de­lib­er­ate? With I was re­ally try­ing to work in a tra­di­tion; when I wrote this record I was not think­ing about any kind of genre, any­thing. I thought it was im­por­tant to free my­self. For the most part, this record started with me im­pro­vis­ing on my own and then I ar­ranged parts for mu­si­cians out of this stuff. It’s pretty loose. There are lots of me­dieval ref­er­ences on Aviary: why? I was al­ways into me­dieval stuff. Even the Cru­sades seem eerily rel­e­vant to now, in a bad way. I al­ways loved me­dieval manuscripts – the fig­ures are quite prim­i­tive, but the colours are so beau­ti­ful, and there’s a mys­ti­cal and mag­i­cal qual­ity to them. Would I have made a good me­dieval monk? I’m not a very tran­quil per­son; I’m very high-en­ergy and anx­ious. Do you have a favourite bird? Maybe a pen­guin, though it’s not re­ally rel­e­vant to this record. I made this list of what bird each song was based on the me­dieval idea of what the birds were, but it’s not re­ally that im­por­tant. I hope the record stands on its own. You don’t need a bird for each song. In­TEr­VIEW: JIM WIrTh

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