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Matthew Houck “A lot of in­tu­itive, raw magic…” Had you started the new al­bum be­fore you got ill?

I had started on it be­fore and it be­came a dif­fer­ent al­bum af­ter. But I wouldn’t say the ill­ness had an out­sized ef­fect on the LP. are there pre- and post- ill­ness songs? Not con­spic­u­ously, no. But then again ev­ery­thing has an ef­fect. Ev­ery­thing gets in there. some of the lyrics are un­usu­ally can­did. were you tempted to re­write them? Yeah, I agree. My com­fort level with this sort of stuff veers wildly from day to day. I’m al­ways tempted to re­write. You usu­ally pre­fer work­ing alone in the stu­dio. was C’est La Vie sim­i­larly recorded? This was done mostly the same way. The main dif­fer­ence was that at the be­gin­ning of the process I had the tour­ing band in Nashville. I had five or six new songs I wanted to show them and feel how they sounded to play with the band. The ex­ploratory na­ture of those record­ings made for a lot of in­tu­itive, raw magic and pro­vided a glimpse of where these songs could go. Sev­eral songs be­came rad­i­cally dif­fer­ent and some were al­to­gether scrapped, but the search­ing en­ergy of those first wild record­ings was so spe­cial, I did use a lot of that ma­te­rial where I could. IN­TER­VIEW: AL­LAN JONES

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