Anna St Louis: “i’ve al­ways loved driv­ing. A lot of ideas come to me while do­ing it” How did your na­tive and cho­sen homes in­flu­ence the record? Kan­sas City is the nest I grew in, and LA is the big city I flew off to. I don’t know that I pulled con­sciously from ei­ther place; they make their way into what I do be­cause they are my past and my cur­rent sur­round­ings. what do you find for­eign about la? You drive a lot in both the Mid­west and LA, ex­cept in LA there can be in­sane traf­fic. I’ve al­ways loved driv­ing, though. A lot of ideas come to me while do­ing it. So that was a nat­u­ral tran­si­tion. The land­scape, the plant life, the dry­ness, and the lack of sea­sons feel most for­eign to me. Also the sense of time is dif­fer­ent here. It goes by so fast but so slow. It’s re­ally con­fus­ing! It’s in­ter­est­ing that you worked with both Kevin morby and Kyle Thomas as pro­duc­ers. what did each bring to the ta­ble? They both brought an open­ness to, and an un­der­stand­ing of, the sound I was hop­ing to make. They both brought their own ears and ideas about how to push or grow the sound. They both made me laugh a lot. And Kevin brought snacks to ev­ery ses­sion.

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