David Michael Curry on the lat­ter days with Robert Fisher

Can you de­scribe th­ese last ses­sions? was Robert able to keep up with the record­ing sched­ule?

There was no sched­ule. Robert was res­o­lute and for­ward-think­ing. I was the one hav­ing a hard time keep­ing the mu­sic mov­ing for­ward. When he moved back east from Cal­i­for­nia, we lived an hour away from each other and jug­gled hec­tic lives. My own fam­ily was go­ing through the death of my mother from can­cer in 2014 and car­ing for my fa­ther. Amid all this, we’d oc­ca­sion­ally make time to­gether and he’d bring a song idea to the house. I’d record his ba­sic tracks in my mu­sic room and he’d nail it like a song-car­pen­ter. Track­ing a song usu­ally in­cluded hours of con­ver­sa­tion over cigars and cof­fee on the porch. He later gave up cigars, but the ri­tual re­mained.

Day to day, what was the mood like?

This record took a long time. Be­fore Robert’s di­ag­no­sis, it was easy and fun, but mostly a week­end thing. We’d dis­cuss what the song needed, then I’d track over­dubs or guest mu­si­cians alone dur­ing the week. Cel­list Jonah Sacks gave valu­able in­put to­wards mix­ing. There were some tears and heavy mo­ments with some over­dub ses­sions for a few mu­si­cians. Oth­er­wise, it was a soli­tary ex­pe­ri­ence.

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