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- Gemma D’Souza

When it comes to my family roots, I’m a ‘little bit of everything’. My grandparen­ts were both from Goa – the southweste­rn coast of India. Hugging the coastline of the Arabian Sea, Goan cuisine is mostly dominated by fish and seafood, infused with delicious spices and flavours. My grandparen­ts grew up on the region’s staple food – fish curry and rice.

The iconic fish curry has been adapted over decades and today, you’ll taste subtle flavours or coconut and local spices like kokum (a sour fruit related to the mangosteen). Prior to 1961, Goa was a Portuguese colony prior, so many of the dishes across this southweste­rn coastline of India have influenced by the Portuguese.

Some of these dishes include the pork vindaloo, the feijoada (a bean and pork stew) and the fish recheado (stuffed saltwater fish). If you’re a fan of flavoursom­e seafood, Goa is the perfect place to head to.

For an Unforgetta­ble stay in Goa, our Asia specialist­s would recommend Ahilya By The Sea, Alila Diwa, or The Leela. To find out more, get in touch at info@unforgetta­bletravel.com

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Goa, India

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