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AWELSH body­guard was the only sur­vivor of the hor­rific crash that killed Princess Diana. Trevor Rees-Jones was in the front pas­sen­ger seat of the black Mercedes on Au­gust 31, 1997, when it crashed at the en­trance of the Pont de l’Ama tun­nel, near Malar fire sta­tion in Paris.

Diana, her boyfriend Dodi Fayed and driver Henri Paul were all killed.

Mr Rees was em­ployed by Dodi Fayed’s fa­ther Mo­hamed al-Fayed as a Har­rods se­cu­rity worker.

Ini­tially he had no rec­ol­lec­tion of what hap­pened, but later re­gained some mem­o­ries.

While the ex-para­trooper sur­vived the har­row­ing crash which sent shock­waves through­out the world, he was left with dev­as­tat­ing fa­cial in­juries, in­clud­ing a smashed jaw, nose and eyes.

A sur­geon, speak­ing in 2000 about how he re­con­structed Trevor’s face, said he had never seen so many frac­tures on a man who was still alive.

Luc Chikhani ap­peared on ITV’s Tonight with Trevor McDonald de­scrib­ing the in­tri­cate sur­gi­cal work he per­formed.

He said: “There was hope, he was not dead, but the face was com­pletely smashed, with many dif­fer­ent frac­tures – it was amaz­ingly crushed.

“I have never seen so many frac­tures on a man who was still alive.

“The face was com­pletely flat. We had to com­pletely re­build it. The eyes were apart, the nose was smashed and the jaw was bro­ken.”

The oper­a­tion took 11 hours in to­tal, where 30 metal screws were in­serted into Trevor’s face.

Although a largely pri­vate fig­ure, he did pub­lish a book, The Body­guard’s Story, in 2000, in which he re­jected con­spir­acy the­o­ries about the ac­ci­dent.

Mr Rees later ac­ri­mo­niously split from his for­mer em­ployer Mr alFayed. He changed his sur­name back to Rees, af­ter di­vorc­ing his first wife.

He then mar­ried teacher Ann Scott in 2002.

In 2004, it was re­ported he was work­ing as a se­cu­rity ex­pert in Iraq.

Trevor Rees-Jones pic­tured in July 1998 and, right, MRI im­ages of the in­juries he suf­fered in the car crash which claimed the lives of Dodi Fayed and Princess Diana, right

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