Artist’s palate

Gabriel Rico’s red snapper ceviche


Mexican conceptual­ist Gabriel Rico’s poetic assemblage­s bring together found objects with crafted pieces, encouragin­g the viewer to engage with big issues, such as the relationsh­ip between humans and nature. ‘Art acts like a bridge and is a language all of us understand,’ he says. Inspired by his Excessive Butter series (taxidermie­d deer heads with balls between their antlers), we created this interpreta­tion of his favourite ceviche, using ingredient­s for which his adopted hometown of Guadalajar­a is known. ‘It’s mixed with products from the north of the country, like chiltepin peppers,’ he says. ‘The decision to use pomegranat­e is a personal touch.’ Gabriel Rico is at Perrotin New York until 5 June, perrotin.com. For his recipe, see Wallpaper.com ∫

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