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Serves 8 For the fish rolls

200g fish paste 3 omelettes (15cm di­am­e­ter) 3 beaten eggs

For the chicken balls

150g minced chicken ¼ tsp salt 2¾ tsp tapi­oca flour 1 tsp sesame oil ¼ tsp white ground pep­per 1½ tbsp beaten egg 1 tbsp cloud ear fun­gus, soaked 2½ tbsp peeled car­rot, chopped 2 tbsp peeled turnip, chopped

For the soup

Bones from 3 chick­ens 2.5l wa­ter 40g dried fish blad­der (maw) ½ car­rot, peeled and sliced 20 fish balls, made from 175g fish paste 350g cab­bage 70g cooked chicken 2 tsp salt ¼ tsp ground white pep­per


1. For the fish rolls, di­vide the fish paste into three. Spread evenly on each omelette and smooth the paste with a wet knife. Roll tightly so you get a firm pat­tern when sliced, then steam the rolls for eight min­utes over boil­ing wa­ter. Set aside to cool, then slice (0.5cm thick). 2. For the chicken balls, mix the in­gre­di­ents well. With wet hands, shape into small balls. 3. To make the soup, boil chicken bones in the wa­ter and strain the stock. Bring the chicken stock to a boil, then add the dried fish blad­der and chicken balls. Now add the car­rot, fish balls, cab­bage and chicken. Sea­son and add the sliced fish rolls. Turn off heat. 5. Gar­nish with co­rian­der leaves and crisp-fried shal­lots. Serve hot.

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