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The days of the clas­sic South-east Asian hubs – Hoi An, Luang Pra­bang and Ba­gan – be­strid­ing your favourite cities list seem to have passed. You have to head fur­ther east to find your top dog – Ky­oto, also 2017’s win­ner. Its peek into Japan’s past, geisha cul­ture and an­cient shrines have en­ticed you again.

From our point of view, it’s al­ways in­ter­est­ing to see the chang­ing waves of ‘in vogue’ cities and this year’s list fea­tures a marked dose of Euro­pean in­flu­ence. You were charmed by the milky-blue canals of sec­ond-placed Venice, while the fu­ture’s orange for Seville, which you scored into third. New faces in­clude the Croa­t­ian walled city of Dubrovnik, seem­ingly still rid­ing the hype as its Game of Thrones alias King’s Land­ing.

Fur­ther down the list, for­mer-se­rial win­ner Luang Pra­bang nudges into ninth, while Bos­ton’s mix of revo­lu­tion and evo­lu­tion has caught your at­ten­tion – a nice touch five years af­ter the hor­rors of the marathon bomb­ing. RANK­ING % 1 Ky­oto 97.50% 2 Venice 94.40% 3 Seville 94.15% 4 Bu­dapest 93.94% 5= Dubrovnik 93.33% 5= Moscow 93.33% 7 Bos­ton 93.08% 8 Syd­ney 92.94% 9 Luang Pra­bang 92.80% 10 Vancouver 92.59%

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