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tar­iff pay­ments. The Govern­ment an­nounced in 2015 that it would end the gen­er­a­tion tar­iff for new par­tic­i­pants in March 2019, but has since said it will also dis­con­tinue the ex­port tar­iff.

Across Great Bri­tain, al­most 800,000 house­holds have joined the scheme – around 289 in ev­ery 10,000.

The re­gion of Bri­tain that has seen the big­gest take up is the sunny south west of Eng­land, where 466 out of 10,000 house­holds have ben­e­fit­ted.

The low­est rate was in Lon­don, with just 60 per 10,000, fol­lowed by Scot­land on 230.

Ac­cord­ing to Green­peace, the feed-in tar­iff has helped ‘cli­mateproof Bri­tain’ against “one of the big­gest threats we face” by en­gag­ing peo­ple and com­mu­ni­ties with clean en­ergy.

“To get to a zero-car­bon econ­omy we have to have that kind of buy-in from the pub­lic,” said Doug Parr, chief sci­en­tist at the char­ity.

“By end­ing the tar­iff, the govern­ment is harm­ing home­own­ers and hang­ing the so­lar in­dus­try out to dry.

“Jobs will go, in­vest­ment will dry up, op­por­tu­ni­ties will be squan­dered.”

Around half the en­ergy a house­hold’s so­lar pan­els gen­er­ate goes back onto the grid for oth­ers to use, ac­cord­ing to the REA.

This could lead to the “un­fair” sit­u­a­tion where house­holds are send­ing en­ergy to big sup­pli­ers for free.

How­ever, the scheme is funded through levies on sup­pli­ers.

The Govern­ment says this means the cost is be­ing passed onto con­sumers with­out so­lar pan­els.

By the year 2020, the Govern­ment es­ti­mates the scheme would add a bur­den of £1.6bil­lion to con­sumer bills – more than three times higher than orig­i­nally es­ti­mated.

A spokes­woman for the en­ergy depart­ment said the scheme had out­stripped pre­dic­tions, and it helped start de­cen­tralised re­new­able en­ergy gen­er­a­tion.

“How­ever, ul­ti­mately con­sumers pay - re­gard­less of whether or not they di­rectly par­tic­i­pate in the scheme,” she con­tin­ued.

“The UK leads the world in re­new­able en­ergy and will con­tinue to do so.

“Since 1990, we have cut emis­sions by more than 40 per cent, and the govern­ment will in­vest more than £2.5 bil­lion on low car­bon in­no­va­tion by 2021.”

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