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Search en­gines will not rank your site un­less they can find it, so it’s there­fore ex­tremely im­por­tant to make sure search en­gines are able to dis­cover and crawl your web­site’s con­tent quickly and eas­ily. With­out it, noth­ing else re­ally mat­ters – we want search en­gine spi­ders to suc­cess­fully crawl and ac­cess our URLS, with the in­ten­tion to crawl and parse our web­site con­tent.

Keep­ing a Log­i­cal Site Struc­ture, re­solv­ing 404 er­rors and util­is­ing ‘rel=next’ and ‘rel=prev’, will help with this greatly. Make it easy for the search en­gines to add your pages into their web in­dex.

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