Ma­jor over­haul for the most pop­u­lar front-end com­po­nent li­brary https://get­boot­

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To this day, Boot­strap re­mains the most pop­u­lar front-end com­po­nent li­brary out there, and lets you build great-look­ing, re­spon­sive user in­ter­faces in no time. Boot­strap it­self might not be new, but the sta­ble ver­sion 4 dropped in Jan­uary and brings a host of new fea­tures and changes.

Boot­strap 4 in­cludes a move to favour Sass in­stead of LESS, utilise rel­a­tive units in­stead of pix­els, a new flexbox lay­out for grids, and much more. It’s also worth not­ing that it has now dropped sup­port for IE8 and IE9, which for most shouldn’t be a prob­lem.

You might be us­ing Boot­strap with a frame­work such as An­gu­lar or Re­act, and the good news is that while the sta­ble re­lease of ver­sion 4 is fairly new, there are al­ready mod­ules avail­able to in­te­grate it into those ecosys­tems.

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