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Re­act and Vue are two pop­u­lar front-end frame­works. How­ever, set­ting them up so you are ready to start build­ing an app can be time­con­sum­ing, as you need to in­stall mod­ules, con­fig­ure your build pipe­line and more. The likes of Cre­ate Re­act App can make this quicker, but there’s still quite a learn­ing curve to get started for things like rout­ing. And if you want server-side ren­der­ing, which can be ex­tremely use­ful, this adds more com­plex­ity. Next and Nuxt both set out to solve the same prob­lem, for Re­act and Vue re­spec­tively. They al­low you to quickly cre­ate apps us­ing th­ese frame­works which by de­fault are server-ren­dered, and au­to­mat­i­cally han­dle rout­ing based on your page struc­ture.

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