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44 vue.js de­v­tools bit.ly/2jjuehx Vue.js has op­tional de­v­tools, which en­able you to in­spect com­po­nent states, track events and ac­cess all of the data held in the vir­tual DOM. This is ex­tremely use­ful when work­ing with Vue.js and is a much nicer al­ter­na­tive to con­sole log­ging all of these things. FREE Must try 45 sv­gomg bit.ly/2re4sj2 SV­GOMG is an on­line tool for op­ti­mis­ing SVG. Un­der the hood SV­GOMG uses the in­cred­i­bly pow­er­ful com­mand-line tool SVGO to per­form op­ti­mi­sa­tions, but SV­GOMG does so while vis­ually show­ing you any changes the op­ti­mi­sa­tion has made to an im­age. FREE 46 Paste­bin paste­bin.com Paste­bin is great when you just need to share a snip­pet of code, you go to the web­site, paste the code, copy the link and send it. You can add op­tional set­tings such as syn­tax high­light­ing and choose how long your URL will last. FREE 47 site Pal­ette bit.ly/2hghqjs Site Pal­ette is a Chrome ex­ten­sion that en­ables you to grab the colour scheme from any web­site, which you can then turn into a num­ber of use­ful el­e­ments, such as Sketch Tem­plates and Adobe Swatches, or you can print or down­load them. FREE

48 wire­fram­ify bit.ly/2rc­sxwe Wire­fram­ify is a Chrome ex­ten­sion that en­ables you to turn any web­site into a wire­frame. It works by ap­ply­ing a cus­tom stylesheet onto the web­site, which re­moves all images and mod­i­fies all of the colours and borders, leav­ing you with what looks like a wire­frame. FREE 49 lorem ip­sum gen­er­a­tor bit.ly/2hgdpcz Both de­sign­ers and de­vel­op­ers rely on lorem ip­sum text when pro­duc­ing mock­ups and test­ing type. loremip­sum.io has a host of plug­ins for text ed­i­tors and pro­gram­ming lan­guages. The gen­er­a­tor’s page has some com­i­cal al­ter­na­tives too. FREE Big hit­ter 50 web de­vel­oper tool­bar bit.ly/2rdr­cgc The Web De­vel­oper tool­bar has been around for almost as long as web de­sign has, but it’s still re­ally use­ful for web de­vel­op­ment to­day, of­fer­ing a num­ber of re­ally handy tools, from delet­ing cook­ies to dis­play­ing an im­age’s alt text. FREE

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