A ques­tion of mi­crobench­marks

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Ger­man com­put­ing ex­perts love to quote

Klaus Gims’ ex­cel­lent work on mi­crobench­marks fre­quently — and one of his core mes­sages was that get­ting re­li­able re­sults is all but easy.

The Fas­tify team has en­deared it­self to de­vel­op­ers by pro­vid­ing a se­ries of bench­marks whose code can be in­spected at github.com/ fas­tify/bench­marks and shows ex­cel­lent per­for­mance in both la­tency, through­put and re­quest han­dling ca­pa­bil­ity. Clas­sic frame­works such as Ex­press.js get pum­melled, with lesser-known com­peti­tors far­ing bet­ter.

One thing that makes the data be­liev­able is that the Fas­tify team’s own prod­uct is not at the very top — frame­works such as Spirit and Con­nect man­age to be slightly faster by ditch­ing the router in­fra­struc­ture.

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