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An­gu­lar is a frame­work in­volved in all parts of an ap­pli­ca­tion, in­clud­ing data han­dling and in­ter­face up­dates. While it can in­flate bun­dle sizes, all parts of the ap­pli­ca­tion will work to­gether seam­lessly.

Ver­sion 7 of An­gu­lar adds im­prove­ments to ev­ery part of the frame­work. While there are few changes that de­vel­op­ers will get to play around with, there are lots of changes to ben­e­fit speed and re­li­a­bil­ity be­hind the scenes.

It is now pos­si­ble to add per­for­mance bud­gets for bun­dle sizes. This will make sure that a build never gets ex­ces­sively large with­out be­ing made aware.

As part of an over­all up­date to Ma­te­rial De­sign, the re­spec­tive An­gu­lar CDK com­po­nents have also been up­dated. For ex­am­ple, the scrolling mod­ule en­ables sup­port for vir­tual scrolling, which helps to keep long lists scrolling smoothly.

Up­grad­ing to ver­sion 7 will, for most, in­volve run­ning one line us­ing the CLI.

ng up­date @an­gu­lar/cli @an­gu­lar/core

Fu­ture up­dates will fo­cus on the new Ivy ren­der­ing engine. This will im­prove the abil­ity to re­move un­used code from the bun­dle, re­sult­ing in dra­mat­i­cally re­duced file sizes. Due to the struc­ture of An­gu­lar ap­pli­ca­tions, the ren­der­ing engine can be re­placed with­out re­quir­ing any changes to the in­ter­nal logic.

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