blocks in col­umns

Use the col­umn block type to sit con­tent side by side in re­spon­sive col­umns

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Per­haps one of the most pow­er­ful new blocks for con­tent lay­out is the col­umn block type, en­abling users to cre­ate up to six col­umns and in­sert para­graphs, lists, im­ages and more in a re­spon­sive for­mat. With the op­tion to make the col­umn block full width, the page’s space is well-utilised and con­tent can flow as the user likes.

There’s a bit of a knack to find the col­umn set­tings again once you’ve cre­ated and edited the block, but us­ing Tab and Shift+tab will help if it’s prov­ing dif­fi­cult to bring up the op­tions menu with the mouse hover. Be­ware, re­duc­ing the num­ber of col­umns af­ter filling them up will delete the con­tent in the re­moved col­umns, so make sure to move your blocks out of the col­umn struc­ture be­fore edit­ing the col­umn block.

As long as the theme sup­ports it, the col­umns will stack on smaller screen sizes, main­tain­ing re­spon­sive de­sign.

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