5 tips from the pros

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1. Get started with cod­ing

The best way to know if cod­ing is for you is to just try it! We rec­om­mend the free, on­line Javascript track of Codecademy to get you started with the ba­sics.

2. Do your re­search

Make sure you read plenty of stu­dent re­views to make sure you’re ap­ply­ing some­where rep­utable. Read their blog and have a look at their so­cial chan­nels.

3. Throw your­self in

Once you’ve de­cided it’s right for you, set aside a few evenings each week to re­ally start mak­ing progress! If cod­ing is for you, this should be fun.

4. Be pre­pared

We’ll be with you ev­ery step of the way when you apply. Make sure you go through all the ma­te­ri­als we rec­om­mend and ask for help if you’re stuck.

5. Get so­cial

With North­coders, you’re not just on a course, you’re part of a com­mu­nity that will stay with you long af­ter you grad­u­ate. Make the most of it!

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