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In­stall Chrome ex­ten­sions from your phone

Chrome’s built-in pass­word man­ager will au­to­mat­i­cally save your pass­words for you, but you may pre­fer to use a more se­cure and so­phis­ti­cated tool such as Last­pass ( last­ or 1Pass­word ( 1pass­ If you’re think­ing of switch­ing, there’s a new op­tion in Chrome 64 that lets you eas­ily trans­fer your lo­gin data. Type chrome://flags into the ad­dress bar, press Enter and search for the en­try ‘ Pass­word ex­port’. Se­lect En­abled from the drop-down menu, re­launch Chrome and ei­ther type chrome:// set­tings/pass­words in the ad­dress bar or go to Set­tings, Ad­vanced, ‘ Pass­words and forms’ and choose ‘ Man­age pass­words’. Click the three-dot menu but­ton next to ‘ Saved pass­words’, se­lect Ex­port and click the Ex­port Pass­words but­ton. You can now save your web­site lo­gins as a plain-text CSV file that can be printed or im­ported to a more se­cure pass­word man­ager (make sure no­body else sees it, though!).

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