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Iwould like to cor­rect your cor­re­spon­dent Ge­orge C Grif­fiths (‘The down­side of Vir­gin Me­dia’s upgrade’, In­box, Is­sue 444). If he swaps his Tivo for a V6 box, it will still use the same ca­ble, so all the TV chan­nels and record­ing fea­tures will be re­ceived in the nor­mal way. The con­nec­tion to the Su­per Hub is re­quired to al­low use of on­de­mand fea­tures, but TV pro­grammes and record­ings will be un­af­fected if the Su­per Hub ceases trans­mit­ting be­cause th­ese fea­tures are not re­liant on Wi-fi.

As re­gards whether Mr Grif­fiths should swap or not, I give the fol­low­ing ad­vice. I have a Tivo and a V6 (with no Eth­er­net con­nec­tion) in­stalled. Apart from there be­ing more chan­nels that you can record on the V6, I find lit­tle else to rec­om­mend it. In my opin­ion, the in­crease in speed is all hype. So if I were him, I would wait un­til the change is com­pul­sory.

More wor­ry­ingly, in the name of progress, Vir­gin Me­dia plans to have all its ser­vices de­liv­ered to your house com­bined. At present, the tele­phone is on a sep­a­rate line, which is use­ful be­cause you can use your lan­d­line to call Vir­gin on 150 to re­port TV and in­ter­net prob­lems. Com­bine them and there is no way to contact Vir­gin to re­port a fault. Some progress! Chris Dun­ford, Brighton

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