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Wake up your An­droid de­vice with­out touch­ing it

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Mo­bile de­vices al­ways seem to switch off at the wrong time – just as you’re read­ing a tricky bit of a recipe with dough-cov­ered hands or you’re won­der­ing what song is play­ing while do­ing the wash­ing up. Kin­screen helps you avoid the in­con­ve­nience of hav­ing to touch your screen, ei­ther by re­ac­ti­vat­ing with a wave or a nudge, or by not switch­ing off if cer­tain con­di­tions are met.

1 A prox­im­ity sen­sor switches off a phone’s screen when you hold it to your head to make a call. If your de­vice has one, Kin­screen lets you use it to ac­ti­vate your de­vice, by tak­ing it out of a pocket, for ex­am­ple; 1 or by wav­ing at it 2 if it’s switched off and your hands are dirty or busy.

2 You can keep the screen on ‘By mo­tion’, 1 sim­ply by hold­ing it. To over­ride when the phone is flat on an un­sta­ble sur­face, such as a train ta­ble, tick ‘Ex­cept if tilted up less than 10.0°’. 2 The lock icon 3 in­di­cates that you can only change the an­gle if you pay for an upgrade.

3 You can also keep the screen on when it’s up­right – for ex­am­ple, propped up on a stand in the kitchen; 1 while you’re mak­ing a call; 2 or while the de­vice is plugged in. The lat­ter op­tion comes with a sub-op­tion, which can be used to keep the screen at its cur­rent bright­ness. 4

4 Tick the box next to ‘While us­ing apps’ 1 to bring up a list of all the apps on your de­vice. 2 Tick the box next to any apps that you’d like to keep the screen on, even when the de­vice is left unat­tended. Tap OK. 3

5 In the ‘Turn screen off’ sec­tion, you can set the length of time be­fore the screen switches off by tap­ping ‘20 sec’ and chang­ing it to a new value. 1 Tap Set. 2 You can also set the screen to switch off when the prox­im­ity sen­sor is cov­ered and af­ter 30 min­utes of be­ing left on.

6 The ‘More op­tions’ sec­tion lets you ap­ply any of th­ese rules to the lockscreen, 1 as well as when you’re ac­tu­ally us­ing the de­vice. You can also set the de­vice to vi­brate briefly when the screen switches on 2 or off, 3 and set whether this changes if you’re in si­lent mode. 4

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