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Many Youtube videos are blighted by ir­ri­tat­ing an­no­ta­tions that pro­mote the cre­ator’s web­site or chan­nel, or bom­bard you with use­less tit­bits of in­for­ma­tion in the form of speech bub­bles and pop-ups. Thank­fully, Youtube scrapped an­no­ta­tions last year, be­cause they didn’t work on mo­bile de­vices, en­cour­ag­ing cre­ators to use in­ter­sti­tial ‘Cards’ and ‘ End Screens’ in­stead, but there are still mil­lions of videos that fea­ture this an­noy­ance. To dis­able an­no­ta­tions per­ma­nently, click your pro­file pic­ture and go to Set­tings, Play­back. Untick the op­tion ‘ Show an­no­ta­tions and in-video no­ti­fi­ca­tions’ and click Save. You can also turn off cap­tions on this page.

Sadly, Card no­ti­fi­ca­tions and End Screens can prove equally ob­struc­tive, and there’s no of­fi­cial op­tion to turn them off. The most ef­fec­tive fix is to cre­ate a new fil­ter in your ad blocker and enter youtube.com##. ytp-ce-el­e­ment, which we’ve found to work like a dream!

Per­ma­nently turn off the an­noy­ing an­no­ta­tions that in­ter­rupt your view­ing

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