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Most Youtube users will have en­coun­tered at least one video that the site for­bids ac­cess to, dis­play­ing the mes­sage: “This con­tent is not avail­able in this coun­try”. The block can be due to li­cens­ing, po­lit­i­cal or le­gal rea­sons; be­cause the up­loader has cho­sen to limit it to a spe­cific re­gion; or be­cause you’re not logged into Youtube and there are age re­stric­tions on the clip. The best-known way to beat this re­stric­tion is to use a VPN (see our cover fea­ture in Is­sue 443) or proxy tool such as Tor to dis­guise your IP ad­dress, but there is an eas­ier method that doesn’t re­quire any soft­ware. Hook­tube ( hook­tube.com), which launched last year, lets you bypass re­gional blocks and age re­stric­tions on Youtube us­ing a sim­ple URL tweak. Just change the youtube in the web ad­dress of the blocked video to hook­tube, press Enter and you’ll be taken to Hook­tube where you can watch the con­tent un­hin­dered, and even down­load it.

Hook­tube of­fers an easy way to ac­cess videos that Youtube has blocked

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