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Co­modo Free Fire­wall or Co­modo An­tivirus­ and an­­ Nor­mally, we’d take is­sue with the amount of bloat that comes with Co­modo’s free se­cu­rity tools, but we’ll ad­mit that its in­clu­sion of a sand­box­ing tool is ac­tu­ally rather use­ful. It comes as part of both Co­modo Free Fire­wall and Co­modo An­tivirus. Right-click any pro­gram file or short­cut and se­lect ‘ Run in Co­modo Con­tainer’ to sand­box it, but take care to de­s­e­lect the many un­wanted per­mis­sions and com­po­nents Co­modo at­tempts to foist on you dur­ing in­stal­la­tion.

Tool­wiz Time Freeze­freeze446 Time Freeze uses a clever type of vir­tu­al­i­sa­tion to sand­box your en­tire PC. When­ever you en­able Freeze mode, it takes a snap­shot of your PC. You can then in­stall any soft­ware, run any pro­gram or make any changes to your sys­tem – ev­ery­thing will be dis­carded when you next restart your PC. On the down­side, a re­boot is re­quired ev­ery time you switch Freeze mode off. This tool takes a com­pletely dif­fer­ent ap­proach, in that it has a bunch of pro­grams al­ready stored in the cloud – in­clud­ing Chrome, Fire­fox, me­dia play­ers and more. Sign up for a free ac­count, in­stall the desk­top launcher and you can run any of th­ese pro­grams in a vir­tu­alised sand­box on your PC. With a paid-for ac­count (£21 per month), you can run pro­grams in the cloud – which is even safer!

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