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Back in 2007, a BBC1 Panorama ma in­ves­ti­ga­tion ves­ti­ga­tion foundund that RF (ra­dioa­dio fre­quency) y) ra­di­a­tion­di­a­tion lev­els in some Wi- Fien­abled schools were up to three timesmes higher thanan the lev­els emit­ted by a typ­i­calpi­cal mo­bile­phone mast. This raised a lot of con­cerns at the time, and was es­pe­cially wor­ry­ing for par­ents. Some teach­ers even went so far as to sug­gest that Wi- Fi should be banned in schools un­til its pos­si­ble dan­gers had been fully in­ves­ti­gated.

For some peo­ple, th­ese fears still ex­ist, and Pub­lic Health Eng­land (PHE) re­cently con­firmed that “peo­ple us­ing Wi- Fi, or those in the prox­im­ity of Wi- Fi equip­ment, are ex­posed to the ra­dio sig­nals it emits and some of the trans­mit­ted en­ergy in the sig­nals is ab­sorbed in their bod­ies.”

So should you be wor­ried about Wi- Fi putting your health at risk? In short – no. PHE says that there is no con­sis­tent ev­i­dence to date that ex­po­sure to Wi- Fi sig­nals ad­versely af­fects peo­ple’s health. Also, the sig­nals are very low power and the fre­quen­cies used by Wi- Fi are broadly the same as those from other RF de­vices such as ra­dios, TVS and mo­bile phones.

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