Coun­cil blamed for fly-tip­ping spate

Rub­bish dumped yards from re­cyling cen­tre

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An­gry West Loth­ian res­i­dents have com­plained about a ‘dis­gust­ing’ spate of fly-tip­ping in the area – 400 yards from a re­cy­cling cen­tre.

Flytip­pers are abus­ing the area around Oakbank In­dus­trial Es­tate in Liv­ingston, close to the re­cy­cling cen­tre, with mat­tresses, wardrobes and stone slabs amongst the rub­bish dumped at the ground in the last month.

Over 1200 peo­ple have shared images posted to Face­book of the mess.

Ian Church, who pho­tographed the images, said: “West Loth­ian Coun­cil can­celled free up­lifts for house­hold rub­bish ear­lier this month so now the fly tip­ping be­gins 400 yards away from (the) coun­cil tip.”

Many branded the fly-tip­ping ‘dis­gust­ing’ and some pointed out the close prox­im­ity of the dump­ing site to the ac­tual tip.

Ally Petrie said: “Why would you take the rub­bish to a place 400 yards from a coun­cil tip and dump it il­le­gally there when you can travel the 400 yards and dump it at the tip free of charge? Clearly they have trans­ported it to this lo­ca­tion so why not go the ex­tra 400 yards to the ac­tual dump?”

But oth­ers have blamed the coun­cil’s new £25 charge for bulky up­lifts and the re­cy­cling cen­tre not let­ting vans in to the de­pot.

Ryan Mclean said: “Un­for­tu­nately the coun­cil are forc­ing peo­ple to do this and by no means do I con­done fly-tip­ping but we all pay a for­tune for coun­cil tax and they want more money for up­lifts and ban you from us­ing your own van at the re­cy­cling cen­tres. What are peo­ple’s op­tions here?”

Kenny Say­ers said: “Not sure what West Loth­ian Coun­cil ex­pected? Charg­ing for up­lifts is fair enough but not let­ting vans into the re­cy­cling cen­tres or mak­ing it re­ally dif­fi­cult to do so, it’s in­evitable peo­ple were go­ing to start fly-tip­ping.”

How­ever West Loth­ian Coun­cil have ar­gued that the new charges for up­lifts has noth­ing to do with the fly-tip­ping at Oakbank and that peo­ple with vans can ap­ply for a per­mit to use the de­pot.

The coun­cil said they also un­der­stood that the area had re­cently been used as an ‘unau­tho­rised en­camp­ment’.

A West Loth­ian Coun­cil spokesper­son said: “A large amount of com­mer­cial waste and other de­bris was il­le­gally dumped on land ad­ja­cent to Oakbank In­dus­trial Es­tate.

“We un­der­stand that the site was re­cently used as an unau­tho­rised en­camp­ment.

“The land is owned by the coun­cil and we have ar­ranged for the de­bris to be picked up.

“Some peo­ple have wrongly as­sumed that the ma­te­ri­als were dumped as a re­sult of changes at House­hold Waste Re­cy­cling Cen­tres (HWR Cs) or the in­tro­duc­tion of charg­ing for bulky up­lifts when, in fact, the ma­te­ri­als that were dumped would never have been dis­posed of at coun­cil HWRCs or picked up via a bulky up­lift.

“The ma­te­ri­als found were com­mer­cial build­ing ma­te­ri­als and should have been taken to an ap­pro­pri­ate op­er­a­tor.

“All busi­nesses and traders have a le­gal duty to dis­pose of their waste and re­cy­cling through a regis­tered waste op­er­a­tor, not the coun­cil’s re­cy­cling cen­tres. Dump­ing rub­bish is il­le­gal, dan­ger­ous and un­sightly.”

The coun­cil urged peo­ple to re­port fly- tip­ping to www.west­loth­­port

In­for­ma­tion re­gard­ing re­cy­cling cen­tres can be found at www.west­loth­­cal­re­cy­cling-cen­tres.

Mess Con­cerns have been raised over rub­bish dumped at Oakbank

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