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Crackdown over parking at school


A number of drivers have been reported to police after a crackdown on parking outside Kingslea Primary school.

Cars frequently stop on the zig-zag lines outside the Horsham school during school drop off and pick-up times.

There have also been complaints from nearby residents that their access routes are blocked and fears that emergency service vehicles could not get past.

Horsham District Council’s neighbourh­ood wardens and civil enforcemen­t officers carried out a week of action at the school. A council spokeswoma­n said the move was aimed at encouragin­g drivers “to be more considerat­e of other road users and pedestrian­s and to make safer parking choices.”

She added: “No fines were issued during the week but a number of reports were made to Sussex Police’s Operation Crackdown for drivers seen stopping on the zig zag lines outside of the school to set down or pick up passengers.

“As a result, the police have sent letters to the owners of

the vehicles. Cars parking on junctions or obstructin­g passing vehicles was also frequently observed.

“This type of parking may only be for a short amount of time, but it can never be predicted when an emergency might happen and the emergency services may need to gain access. To highlight the importance of keeping roads clear, firefighte­rs from Horsham Fire Station also visited the area with a fire engine to demonstrat­e how difficult inconsider­ate or obstructiv­e parking can be.”

 ??  ?? Photo: Horsham District Council
Photo: Horsham District Council

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