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Let’s not make town crowded


Upon looking at last week’s County Times (April 29) I thought it was a late April Fool’s joke by Thakeham Homes to build a wildlife bridge over the A24 to what would be a concrete jungle if they have their way.

I think these developers are totally missing the point of the wildlife corridor of woodland and fields – 3,500 houses don’t actually meet that criteria but what it does show is the massive amount of money that the developers will make if ever given permission for the ruination of this farmland.

They keep telling us how good it will be – personally I cannot see that as it will ruin Copsale. The roads are bad enough but 1,000-plus cars using these country lanes is extremely scary.

At the beginning of Copsale is the village hall, where many functions take

place, people spill out onto the road and drivers in a hurry will come round there at 50mph and someone will get killed.

People matter. We know that new homes are needed but why must Horsham take everyone’s share as well as their own? It is beyond belief. We must stop these money-making companies riding roughshod over us. We live here, they don’t.

Would they like 3,500 homes put next to where they live?

Horsham is a popular place to live but let’s keep it this way and not make it an overcrowde­d place to live.

NORMAN BRYANT Copsale Road, Copsale

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