West Sussex County Times

Closer to our aspiration


Thank you for featuring the announceme­nt last week that Chesworth Farm has gained Local Wildlife Site status.

I would like to add my thanks to HDC parks and countrysid­e staff for pursuing this goal on the farm’s behalf and I would like to pay tribute to the Friends of Chesworth Farm volunteers who have helped contribute to this too.

Our permanent dormouse boxes were funded by one of our members and other volunteers have enthusiast­ically worked on tasks throughout the seasons, together with Horsham Green Gym, to support the wildlife monitoring and habitat management in the farm’s wetland, meadows and hedge lines.

As described by The Wildlife Trusts who help administer the awards: “… these special and often secret spaces have a huge part to play in the natural green fabric of our towns and countrysid­e.

They make up a web of stepping stones and corridors for wildlife, forming key components of ecological networks.”

Local Wildlife Site status helps the farm move closer to our aspiration for it to become a Local Nature Reserve in the future. LAURA THOMAS Retiring chairman, Friends of Chesworth Farm Gorings Mead,


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