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Catalytic converters


The County Times was 100 per cent right to contain a report about catalytic converters being a target of theft.

I had a spell working in an MOT garage. In the first hour of the first day the garage manager told me told how these gadgets detracted from fuel economy and lean burn methods. In fact they cause cars to use more fuel – hardly a green objective.

In addition they make the car more prone to breakdown as I have experience­d. They use precious metals including platinum that is prone to theft. And extraction of those precious metals represents greater exploitati­on of Earth’s resources and not to mention energy resources involved and more carbon

emissions. Again, hardly green objectives.

The imposing of catalytic converters was just plain unnecessar­y and bad for the environmen­t. I challenge HMG to grasp the metal, scrap compulsory catalytic converters and give the UK a more competitiv­e and user friendly car economy.

More investment in reliable public transport networks represents a more credible green policy than relentless wars on the motorist.

JOHN BARSTOW The Fleet, Fittlewort­h

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