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A famous advertisin­g slogan reads ‘The future’s bright, the future’s Orange’, but may I suggest the future’s green?

Our natural world is not as vibrant as it was and human interferen­ce has damaged our environmen­t, yet the world remains-extraordin­arily beautiful.

As I write this the cherry tree in our garden is covered in blossom, the birds are nesting, and new green leaves are bursting forth everywhere. It is a glorious sight.

We are blessed in Horsham to live in a lovely area, and I’m sure during lockdown many of us have discovered new places to walk and enjoy the natural world.

These are places to cherish. Christians believe God gave humankind the important responsibi­lity of being good custodians of our planet.

We haven’t done a great job at all, but now with our planet in peril, it is not too late to make a difference.

Covid has challenged us all about what we value. I wonder what changes we can make in our lives to embrace a greener future to the benefit of all? THE REV RICHARD

COLDICOTT St. Mark’s, Holbrook

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