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No such thing as a free lunch...


Reading last week’s article regarding the proposed developmen­t of 3,500 houses at Buck Barn by Thakeham Homes got me thinking.

The proposed £5million bridge cost proposed by Thakeham is seen as a ‘gift’ by them! There is no such thing as a free lunch and no company has £5million sitting around doing nothing.

This just demonstrat­es how much profit there is in this scheme.

Can I suggest that should planning be granted for this monstrous developmen­t it is a condition of planning that the bridge be built first before a single house is constructe­d?

This will make Thakeham put its money where its mouth is, then we will find out if it really is a gift.

Should this not be the case the cynic in me suggests that if they are allowed to build 3,500 house first, all of a sudden the bridge proposal will be either considerab­ly scaled back, unaffordab­le or undelivera­ble!

IAN PININGTON Church Road, Partridge Green

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